Phillip Island Historics. Part II – The North Paddock

Well, I did plan to go to The Hop hotrod and Custom show this past weekend at Coburg and so I had hoped I would have a fair bit of content to keep me going for a while, a few things came up and I didn’t make it in the end. Although that said, I do have a couple more sets from Phillip Island Historics, or Classics as it’s otherwise called, to come, so that’s something. In the last post, all the photos were from what I dubbed the Southern Paddock, so in putting it that way, these photos are from the Northern Paddock. The lot after this will likely just be the rest of what remains which is also mostly the ‘Northern Paddock’ to be honest.

I’ve tried to sit down and edit these photos but things kept coming up and I pushed them aside, although it’s only been a week and so I don’t think it’s taken me too long haha. I sat down today for about 5 hours to finish off editing these photos in order to get them up. One of my little distractions lately has been my and Emily’s part time business, The Tasmanian Pantry; which is currently taking off as stock arrives and orders come in and so that’s been taking up a little bit of time here and there, which is great, no complaints from me. Anyway I’ll finish this here, go get some fresh air and look at something other than a screen for a bit.

Enjoy part II.

Above & Below: Repco Brabham on what appear to be Work Equip’s but I don’t think they are.

Above: Cooper Monaco kit car from the UK, powered by one of only 5 aluminium Maserati quad cam V8’s to exist. An engine originally built for the Maserati Tipo 151.

Above: Rhea Sautter and her Dad Steffan’s semi light-weight E-Type Jag. Originally a New York delivered car, it now resides in Germany, but competes worldwide.

I’ll finish this set off with some local Australian built and raced cars…

Thanks for looking.


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