Espresso; Machine

The temperature is set to reach 26°c, the overnight mist laying stagnant on the car forms bubbles and cascades down the freshly waxed paintwork; there’s barely a cloud in the sky, the sun breaks from the horizon and glows, lighting a golden haze through the fields of increasingly blurred wheat grass as the speed limit raises to 100km/h. The reflection of the golden light glistens through the rows of gumtree’s, bouncing off the waters of the nearby reservoir before disappearing into the rear view as we change direction.

The morning of Highball Motorclub Cars & Coffee is a relatively early one if you have to travel some distance and hope to still get a car park. Sunday just passed marked the final Highball morning meet for the year, the second one I’ve attended and the biggest one yet. As we got closer and the somewhat modernist inspired Bosch headquarters came into view, it was evident that the small grassed area in front, usually void of cars was a glittering black sea of metal. Upon pulling up to receive direction and wondering if I too would have to park there, I was instead pointed ahead, through the gates to the east carpark, as many who got there earlier were already leaving and so spaces became readily available for the excess of cars still lined up waiting.

The thing I love about Highball’s (not so little anymore) C&C morning is that it’s non discriminative, it literally doesn’t matter what car or bike you come with, you’re welcome, and this makes for an amazing array of diversity. At one end, a colourful row of new Mclaren’s sit front and center, and at the other end, 80’s Commodores, 70’s Mercedes’ and almost everything in between. Once again St Ali were inside attending to everyone’s caffeine needs and what more could you want for your quiet summer Sunday morning. Enjoy

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