Small Ford Sunday

The 1866 bluestone tower looks across the canopy of trees lining the avenue-like entry road, towards the skyscrapers that sit on St Kilda Road. From the ground, both the tower and the skyscrapers are concealed from view. The noise of the passing traffic is drowned out by the water trickling from the fountain in the centre of the circular drive. The grounds of the Victorian College for the Deaf is littered with Australian, British and European built small Fords, all in attendance for Small Ford Sunday 2020, set up by the RS Owners Club of Victoria.

I attended Small Ford Sunday mainly to get ideas for my Bluebird, as rally car is the route which I’m taking with it now, and there were certainly rally cars, none of which I photographed really. I actually didn’t have too much of a plan to take any photos, I simply went to look as I’ve tried a little bit recently to take a break from fully photographing car events and just, I guess enjoy it more. But of course I partly couldn’t help myself, I had my camera, so why not. I didn’t end up shooting much anyway as by the time I arrived people were starting to leave, but here’s a small selection of what I did.


Thanks for looking


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