The Garden

The Autumn sun sinks below the tree line warmer days feel truly behind us, Winter lies ahead; the last of the golden glow shimmers through the leaves providing a short lived temporary warmth. The breeze picks up a sweet familiar scent of a particular fruit I can’t quite place, I think it’s mandarin. The raised bed of corn in front of me moves delicately in the light wind. Bosc pears lining the trestle swing gently underneath their bird-shield netting. The tiny altitude protecting hairs along the stems of the tomato vines glow softly in the golden light, the fruits are in various stages of development. In the centre, the dark green of the spinach acts like a sheet atop the raised bed, behind which a slightly over grown path leads to a bench – a peaceful place to sit and ponder. Beyond the bench an old glass house reflects the last light of the day’s sun as it drops below the valley on the horizon. The sky changes from a whitish blue, to an iridescent orange. The only vegetation receiving this remaining light is the grape vine clinging high up over the central gazebo above the courtyard. The orange glow softens and loses its iridescence, it begins to darken. Shortly the fruits will glisten with droplets of moisture from the evening air, night is setting in.

thanks for looking


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