Flinders Motoring Heritage


The beauty of cars which be-filled the open areas of Flinders’ main street, an otherwise quietly picturesque small town on Mornington Peninsula’s western coast was certainly awe inspiring and welcoming to say the least. Standing out centrally in the main space, a grassed parkland dotted with native trees – was an original condition Jaguar Mk X finished in Ascot Fawn with a period correct v12 powered speedboat in tow. Further past, a beautifully restored Aston Martin db2 sat amongst the greenery wearing its own factory shade of Sea Green, alongside a Mustang with vintage race livery and a beautiful red Ferrari 330.

Coventry’s finest lined the edges of the small park with a display from the Jaguar Car Club of Victoria whilst a little further down the street, Carrera’s of every colour and spec lined the verge. On the opposing side in stark contrast sits the deep maroon XA Falcon coupe from the movie Two Hands. Due to the amount of attendees other areas were forged out of any empty space allowing ample parking for more cars, each in themselves worthy of central podiums. The warm Autumn day casting harsh light, reflecting off the metallic sea of paint that had washed over the town. Shade was sought out in any form, before winners were drawn and trophies humbly received. The notion of a classic car show is one hard to fault, and hard to find fault within, perhaps this ardour is what led me to the recent purchase of my own, a series one Jaguar xj6. Far from the chaos of what today’s culture surrounding modern cars has become, there’s a feeling of pleasant joy and calm when surrounded by classics, combined excitement and intrigue by those both young and old, a feeling of amiableness, a feeling of home.



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