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Very few small automotive events manage to pull off diversity and class but the guys behind Springthorpe car show did it seemingly with ease. I took some time with Jaron, Gareth and Anthony the organisers behind the event to talk about how the Springthorpe car show came about.

Springthorpe is quite unique for a suburban car show, it has the essence of feeling like a small concours d’elegance of sorts, was this the idea behind it?

The Springthorpe Car Show was the idea of a few local residents. One of the organisers Anthony has been part of the show since day one. I (Jaron) popped onto the scene during the 3rd year along with Gareth. Ever since then, it has been the three of us finding ways to grow the event into what it is today. 

The intention has always been to maintain prestige amongst the cars on display which helps give the concours d’elegance vibe. The history of the area helps this feel too; a flat manicured park, 100+ year old palm trees and a heritage listed building in the backdrop makes for a nice setting. We also like seeing the cars enter and drive around the oval before they park. Nothing beats seeing a line of stunning cars drive towards you.

It’s very well put together and a show that I can only see expanding, do any of you have a background in event organisation?

None of us have a background in event organisation. Anthony is happily retired, Gareth is a Dealer Principal at Penfold Motors (Doncaster Volkswagen) whilst I am a Sales Manager for a premium joiner; Lockin Lockers & ISM. Together we make a great team but know that sometimes keeping things simple can go a long way. 

Following the shows success so far what advice or learnings would you give to anybody who might be looking to host a similar event of their own?

Next year we approach our 10th year anniversary and it has been a fun ride. For anyone planning an event I would say hang in there and have fun organising it. Sometimes it takes time to get a name and sometimes you need a theme.

What do you guys drive?

Gareth owns a stunning 1976 Rolls Royce Shadow and a 2008 Bentley Continental, Anthony owns a 1927 Rolls Royce Phantom 1 and a 1997 Jaguar XK8 and I own a 2010 Nissan 370Z – Jaron.

How did you each come to own them?

Gareth : I have wanted one since I was about 7 years old. Joined the Rolls Royce Owners club and bought it from a retiring member 10 years ago. The Bentley I bought 6 months ago as a Covid present.

Anthony : I had seen them (Rolls Royce) around, and I thought I’d like to own one. I was in a situation where I could afford to own one and so it happened.

Jaron : Back when I was in real estate, I needed a car that could keep on going, but also one I can look back and smile at. Once I knew I needed a Z in my life the hunt began to find one in good condition. I ended up finding one in Perth and after a few checks (I knew someone who could take it for a test drive and do a few checks), I had the car freighted over within a month. Ever since then the car has not missed a beat.

What condition were they in when first purchased?

Gareth : It was in very good condition externally however the engine was a bit tired. So I had it rebuilt. The Bentley was and is like new.

Anthony : Good/average condition. A lot of polishing and loving was required along with constant tlc.

Jaron : I bought the Z with 25k on the clock and it was like buying it off the showroom floor. Now it has 130k and going strong! (It does have a few stone chips now though).

Are there any cars or bikes that you have in mind which you’d love to own in the future, or any you regret selling?

Gareth : I would like to buy a Rolls Royce Ghost (around 10 years old). I do regret selling the 2018 Porsche GT3 that I had a share in, but the offer was too good to refuse.

Anthony :Hundreds! There are plenty of cars that I would like to own. There have been a couple that I regret selling; the MG was a big regret. I sold it due to not being used.

Jaron :My dream is to make a Lotus 7 sports car with a custom 1960 indy-style design. I used to ride motorcycles and nothing beats the wind in your face so why not opt for the closet thing with 4 wheels.

Do you have any new ideas or anything you’d like to do differently for future events?

We believe we have a formula which is working and we get quite a bit of positive feedback from the attendees which goes a long way. This also helps us understand that change is not always needed. Our 10th anniversary is next year and we are planning things in the background but we have yet to decide on what may be added. Ultimately though, we will keep to the same theme.



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