A Love for Cars

Automotive culture in Australia is in a strange in-between place at the moment, whilst a lot of European countries are happily inclusive and accepting of all types of cars with which they welcome into events, Australia really kind of isn’t for the most part. Up until recently it seemed a lot of preserved or restored 1980s and 90s economy cars would just get turned away, something with which I’ve experienced first hand on multiple occasions. But things are changing and it’s all down to events such as Motafrenz annual car show, this year held at Como Park in the beautiful area of South Yarra. The following is a short photographic summary of the morning.


2 thoughts on “A Love for Cars

  1. Some great cars for sure. I recently heard a quiz question about an Australian car called as Sunbird. I have a vague memory that it was a Holden car but I am really not sure. Then there was a Bluebird, which I think was a Datsun. Easily solved if I Google but like to remember.

    1. That would be correct, a Sunbird is a model of Holden Torana. I’m quite sure it was one step above the cheapest base model but don’t quote me on that. The Bluebird was Datsun originally but also transitioned into Nissan, I actually owned a Series 3 Nissan Bluebird 910 myself for several years.

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