Motorclassica: Reimagined

Returning to the Royal Exhibition Building this past month after a two year hiatus Motorclassica was reimagined with a new refreshing layout displaying some of the rarest and most remarkable cars to ever exist. The line up along the east-west axis begins with Koenigsegg’s latest mid engine supercar in the form of the twin turbo V8 Jesko Absolut, this sits alongside a full carbon Pagani Huayra and a beautiful blue over silver Bugatti Veyron, only the second one imported into Australia. Classic cars stow in all corners, both up and down stairs, with this particular day being the Friday and the main number of attendees visiting over the weekend, a quiet moment with individual cars was easily afforded to spend some time one on one taking in and inspecting details.

Outside, the usual club displays were somewhat dampened by the typical Melbourne weather keeping away what likely would have been a larger number of cars. A small grouping of Mercedes sat by the Exhibition Building to the west with a row of varying Citroens laid in front of the adjoining museum. The forecourt was home to a large display of Porsche, Lamborghini and Aston Martin courtesy of Lorbek Luxury Cars, alongside BMW showcasing their latest offerings in the form of the M3 Touring and questionably styled XM SUV.

The downpour hammering on the roof above the grand hall an ethereal accompaniment to the darkened interiors; crimson, gold and green murals painted by John Anderson providing a grand backdrop within the world heritage listed building to the equally impressive cars of varying generations. Motorclassica as an overall event for this year outdid every one previous, it truly is Australia’s premier festival of motoring.




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