Astons at Cruden

Held at the late Dame Elizabeth Murdoch’s beautiful Cruden Farm estate just outside of Frankston, the Aston Martin Owners Club of Victoria’s annual Concours D’Elegance set up around the stable yard. Although not an overly large showing, the quality and diversity of cars on show was certainly enough to in no way feel disappointed, the weather however was typical Melbourne of all seasons within an hour. Lashing wind blowing up the hillside from the lake, followed by heavily darkened skies and a downpouring of icy rain, all before the warmth of the Spring sun made a welcome return and the cycle continued. Most of those in attendance were parked somewhat sheltered by the Eucalypts on the grassed area to the West of the stable yard, with the only vehicles parked on the coach drive being a beautiful dark blue DB5 Superleggera which has been in the hands of owner Phil Mitchell for over 40 years, and a 1923 Aston Martin AM ex-Australian Grand Prix car owned by Peter Saglietti.

Despite the house at Cruden being in the style of American influenced Georgian-Colonial, a much beloved style of the home’s architect Harold Desbrowe-Annear. The gardens at Cruden, laid out by Elizabeth herself with her gardener Michael Morrison around an earlier design from Edna Walling lends itself very much to the English-Australian style, a perfect backdrop then for an Australian club Concours celebrating some very British Aston Martins.


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